Investment Counseling


With over 30 years of local real estate and business experience in Dallas, I have the knowledge and expertise to help my clients choose the right house to buy for their personal use or buy as an investment property.

I have the ability to counsel my clients with advice on how to update properties that are in need of remodeling. Over the years, I have bought over twelve investment houses and remodeled those houses and sold them for a profit.

The decisions involved with buying, selling and moving between houses are among the most important decisions in our lives. At the same time, the home transaction and move are usually subject to strict scheduling, budgetary constraints and complex legal documents. Further complicating the situation is the fact that many of the associated issues are not the kinds of things that consumers deal with on a day-to-day basis. I can provide you with the resources to make all your home-related marketing and purchase decisions. I am constantly evaluating providers of a variety of services related to buying, selling, and owning homes, based upon their ability to provide value to my clients in the process of buying and selling houses. I can help my clients find solutions for almost every situation that might arise.

With today’s low interest rates and uncertain stock market, investment properties are an excellent way to protect your family’s future.

If you should have questions about buying or selling real estate and or investments call Don Thomas 214.641.7001 or email me at


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